Harmony Dawn

A mystic approach to modern living


Harmony Dawn's years as a healer and psychic have granted her the privilege of working with a very diverse clientele. Here are some of the things they have to say about their experience:

“Harmony’s enthusiasm and luminosity serve well to increase the positive effect of every session I have with her. She has an uncanny ability to combine Reiki and a smiling psychic intuition in a way that is priceless and enlightening, as well as insightful and encouraging. Possessing a remarkable use of energy, each session I have had with her has been better than the last. I highly recommend it!”

Sky Winchester
International Tattoo Artist

"I have consulted with Harmony on major life decisions relaying on her holistic approach of compassion, insight, and supportive guidance. Her advice has always been excellent while delivered in a very kind and fun manner making the exchange spiritually resonate and meaningful. When confronted with hard choices, I've found her ability to help me clarify what is important and understand the deep-rooted sources of conflict priceless. I highly recommend her services for providing clear intuitive aid with your own process."

Kiarna Boyd

"After a very busy and stressful time opening a new business, Harmony helped me refocus myself... Her energy was very relaxing and allowed me to focus on getting back to a state of being fully charged and ready to work with my clients.. I couldn't thank Harmony enough!"

Holly Azara
National Tattoo Artist

“getting a psychic reading from Harmony Dawn is a multi-tiered magickal experience. You feel as though you are enveloped in warm pink fuzzies, yet still guided to the right and true path with a firm hand. A genuine empath, Harmony's readings are compassionate, accurate and leave you walking away energized and balanced.”

Cat de Leon
Artist, Writer, Teacher, Rock Reporter

"Harmony's been working with me for years, her skill is impeccable and her sessions are DIVINE!"

N. Hayes
CEO Westbay Music Group
Music Production at MTV Networks

"Harmony Dawn is among the most specific and accurate psychic readers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. While organizing special events at the Harvard Divinity School, I hired her yearly to come and do tarot readings. Everyone at the event who met her, skeptics alike, were enchanted and impressed by her insightful, endearing nature, and her very keen power of intuition. I could not recommend anyone more wholeheartedly!"

Adrien Doherty
IT and Media Services, Harvard University

"My consultations with Harmony have been eye-opening and healing experiences. She is warm-hearted, compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled. Her keen insight and unique perspective have helped me through the darkest of times. I highly recommend her."

Angela Seeber
Wife, Mother, Superhero

"I’ve had the pleasure to know Harmony Dawn since 1993. Harmony has an uncanny ability to connect with, assist and guide people through trying and happy times a like. Her genuine warmth and serenity during a reiki treatment helped me overcome pre-wedding jitters as I was about to walk down the isle in front of 200 people. She was able to instill in me a sense of calm and peace on this most emotional day. Harmony is a grounded and realistic mystic and has a profound understanding of the human condition. She has given me a plethora of valuable and accurate advice over the years and is able to deliver even difficult news with sensitivity and hope."

Meaghan Q. Sinclair
Writer, Music Manager, Counselor

“I had the pleasure of working with Harmony Dawn for quite a few years at The Tremont Tearoom. She is a professional, accurate and personable psychic tarot reader. During her time with us she organized several events at our shop as well as provided readings at many events for our corporate clients. Harmony can take the hardest of skeptics and with her wit, skill, and charm have them eating out of the palm of her hand in no time. I highly recommend her for any psychic work.”

Alex Palermo
Psychic, Astrologer, Writer
Guardian of The Original Tremont Tearoom

"I have been a client of Harmony Dawn for the past 12 years. Her predictions have helped guide me in the best and worst times of my life. In 2004 while struggling financially, Harmony predicted the various outcomes of my options, which helped me choose the best route to better my financial situation. In 2006, Harmony predicted my pregnancy and her Reiki treatments during labor helped ease the pain and relax me. Harmony is truly in tune with her psychic senses and utilizes them to help people who want pure psychic assistance. If you are looking for a reading that will truly help guide all the choices in life Harmony Dawn is the right psychic for you."

Ariane Taylor
Special Events Planner, Mom

"Harmony Dawn is the real thing. Not only is she a gifted psychic, but she is also a natural healer, both in the realms of energy and touch. She has alleviated my pain when my neck was immobilized, she has given me a reiki attunement, and she has spread the cards for me countless times. Everything she has ever predicted for me over the past 8 years has come true (even the things that didn't make any sense at first). She read my tea leaves years ago and said that a man was going to buy me a plane ticket west and somehow I would have the opportunity through that to relocate. A couple months later my work sent me to California for training and I moved shortly thereafter... to California. Harmony later predicted I'd end up coming back to New Hampshire... and I did. Countless other readings have been eerily accurate. When I came back from working at Burning Man Harmony read my cards and in the first 3 cards pulled she nailed the situation at hand down to the astrology signs of those around me. She saw a difficult Winter and that I'd have plane tickets to California by the end of May. I moved back to California June 1st. She balances her candor with compassion. Whenever i am really stuck, I know I can call Harmony and benefit from her guidance."

Christine Shepherd
Computer Systems Engineer and Firedancer

"Harmony Dawn is the only person I trust to lead me to the answers I need to know. She accurately and gently predicted a moment of great pain in my life then delivered me the gift of her wisdom in how to get through it. I am a better, happier me because of the help she provides me.”

Performance Artist, Musician

“As a psychic myself, I trust only very few people to go to when I need advice. Harmony Dawn is one of those people. Whenever I need guidance about my personal life or how my writing career is going, I always turn to her and she is right on. I've been getting readings from her for over ten years and would recommend her to anyone."

Crymsyn Hart

"Harmony is brilliant... I've been read before by others and Harmony is the best yet! She was spot on for so many things, things that aren't said aloud. She knew things that I've known but didn't want t acknowledge. After speaking with her, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I can't say enough good things about her... not only is she truly gifted, but she is so easy to talk to; totally down to earth!"

Nicole De Haven
mom, writer, photographer, cyclist

"Harmony has always served as my reliable spiritual guide. With reading my tarot cards she's provided insight into my own life's path, detailing what steps I should take next by describing a vivid image of a future event in my life. During a time when I was unhappy at work she predicted where I would next interview, giving me the motivation I needed to continue my job search in a difficult economy. She also performed a healing attunement for myself and a close friend which not only healed a pain that has persisted for years (unexplainable by several doctors) but also gave me invaluable insight into the power my mind had to physically manifest stress. Harmony's connection to the spiritual realm and ability to heal are irrefutable, without which I wouldn't have been able to propel my career and personal life forward."

brian reis
human resources professional