Harmony Dawn

A mystic approach to modern living


Harmony Dawn's approach to tarot is that of her approach to modern mysticism. With a pluralist approach to divination, she firmly believes in everyone's capacity for intuition and intends to foster awareness of individual energetic opportunity.

Through each tarot reading, she senses potentials of your future and present circumstances, while revealing a deep understanding of the events and energies which led you to this point in your life. At a crossroads? Now is the time to book your appointment.

Open yourself to your potential with compassion.

Experience personal exploration through different paths of divination.

Harmony Dawn is available for tarot readings for individuals or groups, with corporate, personal, and other special events welcomed.

Consulting sessions (with or without tarot) are also available.

30 Minute Reading - $85

45 Minute Reading - $130

60 Minute Reading - $170